Trance Files

There is a freebie on this page... grab it!  My premium files are sold through Nite Flirt... as part of my "goody bags" - click here to see them!  Files are rotated, so check back often for freebies and updates! Click the image to download or purchase.

  • Dreamweave Intro mp3: First in the series. Listen only before sleep. Bringing dreams to the surface. 20.53 minutes. $25

  • Ds mp3: Free! Implanting suggestions to please and obey me. Relax. Listen. Follow My voice. 16 minutes.

  • Blu wmv: Video short; Mesmerizing blue pendant. It is blue, isn't it? Or is it?
    Sale: $10.

  • Submissive male mp3: Guided relaxation.. become addicted to my lips & words. 17.39 minutes. $15
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